Best Space Saving Plants on a Hanging and a Vertical Planting Frame

If you own a cramped apartment, you can still decorate it with the aid of a ceramic hanging planteror some other type of space-saving garden décor. With the population boom and longer life spans, apartments and living spaces keep growing smaller and smaller. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t have beautiful plants in your home. Along with some hanging planters, strategic arrangements and the right plants, you can have an indoor garden with any of these space-saving plants.

Top Space-Saving Vegetation

These plants take up a very small room. They’re well suited for small pots located on a coffee table, wall planters and even hanging ones. You will get one plant or mix and match these for an amazing indoor garden.

Air Herb

Also called the Tillandisa, the Air Plant is a low maintenance plant that can be located anywhere. It doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and soil to reside. Many horticulturists love inserting this herb in small terrariums. Glass planters for air plants are popular in small eco homes.

Arrowhead Herb

The Syngonium podophyllum will look lovely hanging from your ceiling. The top arrowhead-shaped leaves absorb harsh sunlight and reflect mellow eco-friendly light into the room. It’s also available in various hues of pink and burgundy. If you let the ‘fingers’ grow, they will hang nicely and make the room livelier.

Pitcher Plant

These amazing carnivorous plants have made it on poor soil. Essentially, they may be low maintenance plant life that will only need clean water and moist soil. The majority of the nutrients will have to come from the bugs it ‘catches’. This plant will actually lessen unwanted insects in your house which makes it not only a space-saving plant but additionally a pest control plant.


Ferns are considered as ancient plants that originated from ancestors which may have lived in the world for over 300 mil years. They are able of thriving during cramped spaces which makes this plant the ideal plant for a vertical growing frame. The leaf styles are beautiful to look at. However, it will require some trimming as the fern plant can grow fast.

String of Pearls

The Senecio rowleyanus plant has a unique appearance. The leaves look like small green pearls. They have adapted to contain water to help them survive during a drought which will tell you that this is a minimal maintenance grow. In normal conditions of water scarcity, round green leaves will sprout and droop beautifully from a ceramic hanging planter. However, if you have a green thumb, you might be able to coax them to sprout their beautiful white flowers.

Become Creative with Your Area

These are just 5 of many more plant life for a tiny home. With all the right type of pots and planters, you can have more plant life decorating available spaces. Wall Hanging Planters has a catalog of space-saving wall structure planters, hanging pots and much more. Just visit the website and pick your motivation.

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